Funny linux commands

I always thought Linux is a operating system for serious job like programming until I discovered these funny commands of ubuntu distro. I have found them over internet from different websites, try them with your terminal and have fun :

Reverse: Reverse is a in built command of ubuntu which doesn’t really does anything but to reverse everything what you type and that doesn’t helps you in anyway(at least not for me).

Syntax : rev

Factor: Factor is another inbuilt command of ubuntu which does help you to find the factrorial of any given number

Syntax : factor

Cowsay: Cowsay draws an ASCII cow in your terminal which says anything you want it to.

install it by typing : apt-get install cowsay

Syntax : cowsay

Steam Locomotive: This command will literally run a steam locomotive on your terminal but you have to install it first.

install it by typing : apt-get install sl

Syntax : sl

cmatrix : This command will start a matrix on your terminal

install it by typing : apt-get install cmatrix

Syntax : cmatrix

url: This command will let you update your status on your twiiter account via terminal

Syntax : url -u YourUsername:YourPassword -d status=”Your status message”


I think thats enough for a day, try them and enjoy. I will see you next time