How do I make global helper function in Laravel 5.x ?

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If I wanted to make a currentUser() function for some oauth stuff I am doing where I can use it in a view or in a controller (think rails, where you do helper_method: current_user in the application controller).

Everything I read states to create a helpers folder and add the function there and then that way you can do Helpers::functionName Is this the right way to do this?

Whats the “laravel way” of creating helper functions that can be used in blade templates and controllers?

The solution for it is pretty easy, Create a new file in your app/Helpers directory name it AnythingHelper.php and write your code for example :

generate a service provider for your helper by following command:

in the register function of your newly generated HelperServiceProvider.php add following code :

now in your config/app.php load this service provider and you are done