Ransomware for cellphones

Now a days everyone who uses a smartphone has some kind of security lock or pin to protect their phone’s data from unwanted elements even I had one, but then came this android malware which resets your device’s pin and you wont even know unless you try to unlock your phone.

If it was only about changing your phone’s PIN it was ok-ok situation but on top of that this malware shows a ransom note on your phone screen demanding you for some hefty amount to get your PIN back.

Security researchers also claim that even after paying the hefty amount to the hacker you have no luck of getting your device back to normal because the PIN is randomly generated by the malware and hence the hacker also doesn’t knows it.

The main source of this malware is downloading adult applications known as Porn Droid out of the Google Play store.

Now the question in your mind might be How to get rid of this malware? Unfortunately there is no effective way to get rid of this malware (atleast not yet) without losing your personal data.

I suggest you not install any app on your android from any third party service/website. Be Safe